How to offset the carbon emissions of your shipments with OVRSEA ?

To carbon offset your shipments, you can get in touch with OVRSEA by email, phone or directly on the wall of the shipment you want to offset on the platform.

1. Carbon calculator

Calculating carbon emissions is the first step in offsetting. It enables us to measure the carbon emissions per transport. OVRSEA uses the EcoTransIT World methodology to estimate transport emissions. You can find the complete methodology by clicking on this url:

You can find the emissions generated by each transport on the tracking map:

A global overview of the last twelve months is available in your reporting:

Les émissions totales mensuelles apparaissent en noir, et la part compensée apparaît en vert.

2. Offsetting

To offset your emissions, OVRSEA offers you to buy carbon equivalents, which correspond to CO2 sequestered in the San Martin forest. You can buy your carbon offset for individual shipments or globally. Contact us directly to offset your shipments.

Pour en savoir plus sur le mécanisme en lui même, vous pouvez consulter l'article : La réduction et la compensation des émissions de CO2 avec OVRSEA