Ad Valorem insurance

Benefit from automatic compensation up to the actual value of your goods, regardless of the cause of the loss or damage.

Ad valorem

What is “Ad Valorem” insurance?

Ad Valorem insurance is a supplemental insurance policy purchased for each transportation, the cost of which is determined by the value of your goods. It provides full coverage, as opposed to the RCT (default insurance), which provides only partial coverage.

Why purchase Ad Valorem insurance?

OVRSEA is insured by Helvetia, the second largest marine and transport insurer in the French market.

Break loading, bad weather, multiple players... The journey is long and the risks are numerous during international transportation. OVRSEA recommends Ad Valorem insurance as it provides complete peace of mind in the event of a loss or damage.

Ad Valorem insurance automatically compensates you for 120% of the value of the damage, regardless of the cause.

The advantages of Ad Valorem insurance

Compensation for the value of the goods

Instead of the fixed legal limit set by international transport law, Ad Valorem insurance compensates you up to 120% of the actual value of your damaged goods.


Ad Valorem insurance ensures automatic compensation without the need for complicated administrative procedures. You will be reimbursed within one month at the most.

Regardless of the loss or damage

Ad Valorem insurance covers nearly all causes of damage (except war and strike risks). On the other hand, without Ad Valorem insurance, certain losses are not covered by the RCT (e.g. general average).

What happens if I am not covered by Ad Valorem insurance?

As you are covered by OVRSEA's RCT, compensation is available if your goods are damaged in transit. However, it is subject to a maximum amount based on the mode of transport and the weight of your goods (see table below). Furthermore, compensation periods are frequently lengthy, and an excess will be charged (0.1% of the damage value - minimum €9,000, maximum €24,000).

International road transport
International Road
8.33 SDR per kilogram of gross weight of missing or damaged goods.
22 SDR per kilogram of gross weight of missing or damaged goods.
To be added to the damage/loss compensation.
666.67 SDR per package/unit or 2 SDR per kilogram of gross weight of missing or damaged goods.
The higher of the two amounts is taken into account.
17 SDR per kilogram of gross weight of missing or damaged goods.

* SDR: Special Drawing Right, an international reserve asset based on a pool of international currencies. At the end of 2023, 1 SDR = €1.3.


A company exports a container carrying goods worth 90,000 euros, distributed in 25 packages weighing 5400 kg. The container has gone missing at sea.
Without Ad Valorem insurance, the compensation will be 25 x 666.67 SDR x €1.3 = €21,666.7 (as 1 SDR = €1.3) . Furthermore, the company will be required to pay an excess of 10% x €90,000, or €9,000.
With Ad Valorem insurance, the compensation will be total, i.e. €90,000.
To find out more, contact us directly.

Furthermore, the shipper is frequently exempt from liability if he can invoke a case of force majeure, for example (such as an unanticipated storm). You may not receive any compensation in this case.


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