Benefit from a support in the customs clearance
of your goods for import and export. 

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Gain in fluidity: clear your goods for export and centralize your proofs of export. Minimize your financial, administrative and legal risks.

Clear your goods at home for export

Only available in France.

Clear your goods for export directly from the location of your choice, such as your warehouse. 
Streamline your process:
- Centralize your EXA documents on the OVRSEA platform
- Maintain control over your declarations, with a single broker who knows your products and your expectations.
- OVRSEA Quality of service: you stay in control by validating each declaration.

Your proofs of export in one place

Centralize your proofs of export on our platform, even if OVRSEA is not in charge of transport.

Expertise and reliability guaranteed

OVRSEA is a Registered Customs Broker (RDE) with OEA status - the highest level of accreditation issued by the French government, guaranteeing expertise and reliability in customs matters.

Your customized service

On a daily basis, our team of experts assists you with the clearance of your goods, both for import and export, and advises you on your customs procedures:
- Special customs procedures
-- Advice on tariff classification
-- Production and rapid transmission of accompanying documents (EUR1, T1 etc)