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Our history & ambition

OVRSEA, founded in 2017 by five co-founders, has set the goal of revolutionizing an industry that is as complex as it is old: international freight transport.

OVRSEA now has +150 employees in Europe and the United States to support +700 companies in optimizing their transportation globally, thanks to a working environment that allows everyone to thrive on a daily basis.

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employees in Europe and the United States


offices in France, Spain, Italy and the US

55% - 45%

gender parity



Pedagogy at OVRSEA

A core value

Since 2017, Antoine, Arthur, Brieuc, Georges and Mathieu have sought to create a workspace where everyone can learn, transmit and grow professionally and personally.

All of OVRSEA's values - benevolence, high standards, reliability and questioning - stem from a fundamental value that is present every day at OVRSEA: pedagogy.


Continuous learning

Curiosity being a character trait animating all new OVRSEA recruits, each one is free to evolve with the company according to his desires, his abilities and his personal life projects.

Everyone can increase their skills and learn continuously thanks to:

- internal training and projects involving different teams
- external presentations related to our business sector
- moments of sharing passions or experiences

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A fast, fair and transparent recruitment process

During our recruitment process, each candidate has the opportunity to discuss his skills, values, and aspirations while receiving continuous feedback.

You don't have to be a transportation expert to join us. You only need to be curious, eager to learn, and willing to share OVRSEA's values.

Customized onboarding



The onboarding process at OVRSEA is designed to familiarize each new recruit with their missions, team, global strategy and the challenges of other OVRSEA teams.

During the first 3 weeks, the objective is for each new recruit to:
- discover each of the teams
- follow daily training workshops
- browse documents independently according to their position


The tailored onboarding we've developed over the last four years is already bearing fruit: 97% of the 100 employees who joined us in a permanent position (CDI) since 2017 are still working at OVRSEA. The goal of this critical period is to foster a healthy work environment where everyone can thrive while learning every day.

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En matière de diversité, notre indice d’égalité femmes-hommes a grimpé de 75/100 à 82/100 entre 2021 et 2022. Les disparités salariales chez OVRSEA se concentrent surtout dans l’équipe commerciale en raison des primes liées aux ventes. Notre objectif est de parvenir à la parité d’ici 2023 au sein de cette équipe majoritairement masculine, visant ainsi un score de 85/100 pour l’année 2023.