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Pourquoi Wander Beauty a fait appel à OVRSEA pendant sa phase de croissance ?

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J'adore la plateforme d'OVRSEA : il est facile de trouver des devis, de vérifier les prix, de réserver les expéditions et de contacter l'équipe. C'est l'un de mes outils préférés.
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Noreen Nezaj
VP Sales & Operations @WanderBeauty

Relever les défis des clients avec des solutions innovantes

Founded 7 years ago, Wander Beauty offers effortless beauty essentials. Based in NYC, their main warehouse is in New Jersey, and they distribute to select retailers worldwide. With steady 12-point growth year over year, they now have ambitious distribution plans for 2023.

Since March 2022, Wander Beauty has entrusted OVRSEA with its shipments from multiple countries into the United States.

Fournir des résultats et des avantages exceptionnels à nos clients

- Provide Wander Beauty with real-time visibility into all of its transportation data

- Save time for Wander Beauty's operational teams in managing their transportation, allowing them to focus on higher value-added issues

- Provide an offering that combines efficiency, reliability and support to ensure a better quality of service for Wander Beauty customers

Déroulement du projet

#1 - Instant access to all transportation data centralized on the OVRSEA platform

Prior to their first shipment with OVRSEA, Wander Beauty managed their logistics by relying on a network of carriers and without using any advanced technology. This involved manually communicating with carriers via phone and email to obtain the necessary documents, determine pricing, track orders, and stay informed about any potential changes in estimated time of arrival for their shipments.

“As a customer, I want to know where my shipments are at all times, and as a brand, I have the same need. Being able to track my shipments is really helpful to stay organized. I don't have to wonder where my freight is anymore: I feel that I can connect to the platform whenever I need to retrieve a document.” - Noreen Nezaj - VP Sales & Operations @WanderBeauty

They were struggling to find and manage information from their other freight forwarders, who offered limited visibility and transparency. Trusting their freight forwarder was a priority for Wander Beauty. This is why the brand was particularly pleased with the visibility that OVRSEA provides thanks to its real-time tracking functionalities.

Real-time tracking on OVRSEA platform

Wander Beauty also benefitted from the simplicity of OVRSEA. Through its platform, OVRSEA has proven to be a true TMS for Wander Beauty, and the ability to connect directly to the platform without having to integrate, download or purchase new software was a game changer compared to other freight forwarders.

“There are not many freight forwarders that have a platform like OVRSEA's and I prefer OVRSEA's to alternatives: everything we have today with OVRSEA, we have not seen with any other freight forwarder.” - Noreen Nezaj - VP Sales & Operations @WanderBeauty

#2 - The staffing of responsive teams to handle Wander Beauty’s shipments

Through its partnership with OVRSEA, Wander Beauty now benefits from a guarantee they did not have before: assurance that their freight will be shipped seamlessly thanks to OVRSEA's dedicated teams, who are quick to solve any problems with both reactivity and proactivity.

Additional quotes from the team:

“OVRSEA’s teams keep on being a fantastic partner, on top of all details, treating my freight with the utmost importance” - Noreen Nezaj - VP Sales & Operations @WanderBeauty
“"J'ai un lien personnel avec OVRSEA. Je peux envoyer un message sur la plateforme et j'obtiens une réponse immédiatement. À mon avis, la rapidité des réponses ne peut être comparée à celle des concurrents " - Noreen Nezaj - VP Sales & Operations @WanderBeauty

Platforme OVRSEA

“Whenever there are issues - because there will always be - I know that OVRSEA is on them. When we had a shipment that remained stuck for 3 months and the team would email me daily : I would not have to ask them any questions, they would be the one giving me an update” - Noreen Nezaj - VP Sales & Operations @WanderBeauty

Trust, simplicity and safety are not the only game changers for Wander Beauty. Time is another. Since Noreen Nezaj, VP Sales and Operations of Wander Beauty, is not only dealing with transportation, but is also the only one who books the shipments and interacts with a freight forwarder, she wants OVRSEA to help her save time. And that is a challenge that OVRSEA has taken on.

“OVRSEA does help me save time. Transportation is really time-consuming and thanks to OVRSEA I can focus on other things happening in our company such as sales and revenue growth” - Noreen Nezaj - VP Sales & Operations @WanderBeauty


OVRSEA's dual technological and human approach has enabled them to meet Wander Beauty's expectations while achieving the quality of service the company requires. Reactivity, reliability, and simplicity enabled the optimization and simplification of their flows to the American market.

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