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How did Babymoov revolutionize the organization of its flows to the American market thanks to OVRSEA?

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Nous avions du mal à avoir de la visibilité sur nos ETA, ETD qui changeaient constamment… ll nous manquait la possibilité de communiquer des informations fiables à nos entrepôts et OVRSEA a été le pionnier qui nous a permis de travailler différemment.
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Lydie Mallet
Supply Chain and Operations Manager @Babymoov

Relever les défis des clients avec des solutions innovantes

Babymoov is a French childcare group, whose products are distributed under Babymoov and Badabulle brands. Babymoov has come through the health crisis unscathed, growing from €49M in sales in 2019 to €55M in 2020 and €61M 2021.

Babymoov has 5 subsidiaries abroad and achieves half of its turnover through exports. Its products are distributed in 75 countries around the world.

Supply management is crucial for Babymoov, which has entrusted OVRSEA with its flows from Asia to the North American market since 2021. In 12 months, Babymoov has entrusted 100 transports (130 TEUs) to OVRSEA on the Asia - North America trade.

Fournir des résultats et des avantages exceptionnels à nos clients

  • Benefit from centralized, up-to-date and easily accessible information for its suppliers
  • Get a global visibility of the supplies managed by its subsidiary
  • Improve inventory management to avoid stock-outs

Déroulement du projet

#1 - End-to-end supply chain visibility

Babymoov's logistic organization is very international: its head office is in France, its 5 subsidiaries are located in Europe and in the United States and its 5 warehouses are spread over 3 continents, in Europe, in Asia and in North America. 

It becomes very important for Babymoov that the information related to its flows are:

  • centralized in one place
  • fully up to date
  • accessible easily by the stakeholders of its supply chain

Before the first transport with OVRSEA, the Babymoov supply chain team:

  • collected price lists from freight forwarders
  • searched their mailbox for information related to their current imports
  • integrated them into multiple excel tables shared with their warehouses

Before OVRSEA: prices collected from each freight forwarder

We had difficulty in having visibility on our ETAs, ETDs which were constantly changing... We lacked the ability to communicate reliable information to our warehouses and OVRSEA was the pioneer that allowed us to work differently.

Lydie Mallet - Supply Chain and Operations Manager @Babymoov

By entrusting the management of its transpacific flows to OVRSEA, Babymoov supply chain team can now: 

  • find all its current shipments and orders in transit on a single tool
  • track in real time each transport in progress or order in transit
  • share them, according to rights defined by the head office, with its suppliers and subsidiaries

Sharing a tracking link for Babymoov's goods directly with its subsidiaries and suppliers

Concretely, how do Babymoov's suppliers and subsidiaries use the OVRSEA platform?


Each of its 5 suppliers has an account attached to Babymoov, according to the rights set by the Babymoov Supply Chain team:

  • suppliers have access to transport data
  • suppliers do not have access to invoices, documents and confidential information

As soon as one or more orders are completed and ready to be shipped:

  • suppliers make transport requests directly on the OVRSEA platform
  • OVRSEA associates to each request a tariff proposal
  • Babymoov's Supply Chain team at headquarters is notified to validate the transport
  • Upon confirmation of the proposed price for the transport of these orders, OVRSEA will arrange the transport.

By allowing its suppliers to make quotation requests directly, the supply chain team at headquarters wins time, while keeping control of the cost of transporting its orders and having a 360° view of its flows.


Babymoov's US subsidiary also has access to transport data for transpacific flows.
Concretely, Joseph Appert, director of the North American subsidiary, has the possibility of contacting the warehouses in Asia directly on the OVRSEA platform, rather than asking the supply chain teams at headquarters in France by e-mail.

Exchanges between the various stakeholders are thus made more fluid.

The Supply Chain team at Babymoov headquarters:

  • benefits from a global visibility of the supplies managed by its subsidiary
  • and wins time by giving the North American subsidiary access to all its flows.

Intégration de la filiale US Babymoov et de ses 5 fournisseurs sur la plateforme OVRSEA

#2 - A better stocks vision for Babymoov

Babymoov's Supply Chain team must monitor its stocks precisely and in real time to avoid stock-outs.

Before, Babymoov had no visibility on its supplies. 

By entrusting its transport to OVRSEA, Babymoov now has access to key information in real time on its transported goods.

Concretely, by searching the reference of a product directly in the OVRSEA platform, Babymoov teams are able to find:

  • Current shipments associated with this product
  • The quantities related to the current transport of this product
  • ETAs and delivery dates associated with current shipments of this product.

Thanks to this vision by product and not by transport, Babymoov can better manage its stocks, avoid surpluses or conversely shortages and optimize its supply chain.

Details of the information related to a product: description, quantity, unit price and unique reference (SKU). 

It is really reassuring to know that if there is an incident, I have access to a precise stocks vision for each of the references and that I can anticipate shortages. Before OVRSEA, we could not optimize our flows. But now we can manage them better, and we can't do that with any other forwarder.

Frédéric Picon, Assistant Supply Chain Import Asia @Babymoov

The OVRSEA platform has become an essential tool to improve the collaboration and performance of Babymoov's Supply Chain.

Babymoov's teams benefit from the daily support of 2 OVRSEA employees (one commercial, the other operational) dedicated to the management of Babymoov's transports.

Beyond a platform, I wanted a dedicated team to manage the entire follow-up of our transports and to give us reliable and concise information. Digital is key, but there must be people behind and OVRSEA's support is completely based on this relationship.

Lydie Mallet - Supply Chain and Operations Manager @Babymoov

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